July 2016

July 2016



14th July 2016



Lye A umpire questioning.

This prompted a long and often emotionally heated debate. Lye were adjudged to be in the wrong and would be summoned to appear before a disciplinary hearing 26/7/16 at 6.30 pm. An email to this was mailed at 2.50 pm 15/7/16.

Although thought to be very serious, it was agreed to handle this at this time internally

An official apology was offered to Hamid.

Wilden Village ineligible player

Members of this team have been informed of the severity of the charge and have been invited to attend the same disciplinary hearing. An email was sent at 2.50 pm 15/7/16

Fixture Congestion

The weather has created a major reshuffle. Thanks to all those who have assisted the officials in reorganising matches. Waterfront v Lye must be played by 21/7/16 (subsequently discovered that date of 4th August had been agreed between the two clubs).

Updated handbook and website

With the help and guidance of Chris Parkes it was agreed that Chris should offer a presentation at the September Meeting. The committee agreed that this project should go ahead (subject to costings), that it should include a website ( to meet our needs) and a handbook (to attract attention). The big question is whether to go over to electronic result reporting. If so, the preferred option would be to use the facilities provided by the national Play Cricket site with data automatically copied to our own site.

Inter league Match This is a slow, almost reluctant, process by the organiser, Mark Chapple.  Howard and Mark to pursue.

Fundraiser: agreement has been reached with Chester Road authorities for the use of the ground on Sunday 28th August. Clubs will be invited to enter teams to play a six a side competition. Likely format is a two division round robin using two pitches, followed by semi finals and final. Detailed rules to be confirmed. Entry fee per team is £30. Bar and food will be available with the day beginning around 10.00 am.

Proposed Rule changes as quoted in the June Minutes. To be discussed at the September general meeting.

1.    Leg side wide rule ………..it was suggested that this rule should be relaxed reflecting the standard of cricket being played. Nationally this rule was introduced to avoid the varied interpretation of the rule which created too many fractious moments.

2.    The 30 metre circle to be introduced throughout the leagues eliminating the nine men on the boundary rope scenario.

3.    The wash out rule…..  there are several parts to this rule which need to be considered.

a.    Should it be a division by division judgement i.e. a wash out for one division and not the others? Or it is a wash out or it isn’t?

b.    Currently the rule comes into play after the event i.e. after all matches would have been played.

c.    This prevents, in some respects stops, teams from declaring early i.e. not enough players let’s wait and hope it rains! Or the delay means players and umpires travel.

d.    It boils down to a committee decision made after the event when all facts are presented and an informed decision is pronounced. There will be winners and losers.

4.   The experiment with pink balls needs to be evaluated with consideration given to the quality of the balls being used.

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