July 2016 Disciplinary Hearing

July 2016 Disciplinary Hearing


26th July 2016

Apologies from Howard Burley, Richard Foley

Present Tony Wrench, Mark Hall, Nic Harvey, Andy Shuck

1.     We have been advised that the situation regarding Hamid Sohaib will be discussed at the next WACO (Worcester Association of Cricket Officials) meeting on 2nd August. Following discussions with disciplinary convenor Howard Burley we have decided it is best to postpone our own hearing until after WACO have discussed the matter.

2.     The committee are satisfied that the incident during the game with Arley that Areley Kings have disciplined their own player (two match suspension) and that no further action is warranted.

The disciplinary committee recommend that the league’s umpire representative takes this opportunity to remind umpires of their duties re: spirit and laws of cricket including the league’s rules and as the paid official overseeing the match to which they are contracted that all disciplinary matters are addressed as required by the processes outlined in such documents.

3.       Wilden unregistered player.

Andy Shuck was open and frank with the committee admitting that this player was selected and played on two occasions. On the first occasion without him knowing that there was a registration problem and secondly with his knowledge but under extreme circumstances when 7 of his team were involved in the High School Proms when he effectively played as a sub (neither batting nor bowling).

The committee were alerted to the fact that this movement of players stems from the withdrawal of Stourport, a premier team, at the start of the season. This created a ripple effect displacing players in other teams. This said there are rules to be followed and in this case it is apparent to the committee that this was not the case.

Richard Foley has stated that he is unable to attend the meeting (cricket tour) and that he accepts all responsibility for his actions. His motive was to place a player wanting to play with a team short of players. He expressed a concern that we had called a junior (U17 age group) to attend a disciplinary hearing.

Richard in according to the rules has a right to appeal but his actions, attitude and behaviour have earned him a ban (this league only) from playing in all league and cup matches for the remainder of this season.

Laurence Neil as a junior was cleared and because of the exceptional circumstances has been granted a transfer after the deadline to Wilden from Stagborough.

Wilden Village were thanked for their cooperation but in accordance with the rules lose four points for each game the ineligible player appeared and the loss of any points gained with those points being attributed to their opponents. The outcome is that Wilden Village lose 12 points. This outcome was accepted by Wilden Village.

Each team in this league signs a contract with the League, agrees by the rules set in the handbook and agrees to attend the four meeting per year where immediate issues and updates are presented.

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