June 2016

June 2016

June 2016


14th June, 7.30 pm

To which all teams are expected to attend.


There were no apologies

Committee members present included
Howard, Geoff, Tony, Nic, Mark, Aziz, Hamid, Julian

The chairman welcomed all and requested that they signed in. Reference was made to the weather conditions and Stourport’s last minute withdrawal from the league both having created fixture re-arrangement.

It was also pointed out that a link to the recent semi-legal ruling following the judicial report on
ground, light and weather has been placed upon the website.

Teams were encouraged to be more detailed and more immediate with their results to Tony or Aziz. It is important for both captains to agree if just the PLAYCRICKET SITE is the only vehicle for this data.

Umpires directly concerned i.e. officiating at that particular match should be the ones contacted should there be any change in the match status. But also please tell Tony and Geoff as a courtesy

Steps are being explored as we seek to upgrade our handbook and website so that it is more in keeping with modern day standards. This will cost but hopefully these costs will be offset by sponsorship and adverts… Chris Parkes is our liaison.

Proposed rule changes

1. Leg side wide rule ………..it was suggested that this rule should be relaxed reflecting the standard of cricket being played. Nationally this rule was introduced to avoid the varied interpretation of the rule which created too many fractious moments.

2. The 30 metre circle to be introduced throughout the leagues eliminating the nine men on the boundary rope senario.

3. The wash out rule….. there are several parts to this rule which need to be considered
a. Should it be a division by division judgement (i.e. a wash out for one division and not the others?) Or it is a wash out or it isn’t?
b. Currently the rule come into play after the event i.e. after all matches would have been played.
c. This prevents in some respects stops teams from declaring early i.e. not enough players let’s wait and hope it rains! The delay means players and umpires travel.
d. It boils down to a committee decision made after the event when all facts are presented and an informed decision is pronounced. There will be winners and losers.

4. The experiment with pink balls needs to be evaluated with consideration given to the quality of the balls being used.

Financial report

stated that all was good with the annual sponsorship banked and fines paid. The MCCC membership has been paid.

Fund raiser …. nine clubs were in agreement that this should be held on a Sunday August or September at Chester Road fee £30 per team. The committee to discuss the details with the Chester Road Personel. This event is to offset last year’s overall financial loss. Fees will still increase 2017 season as previously agreed.

Transfer deadline has now passed

Interleague match has now been agreed with details to follow.
Teams will be forwarded the details and requested to supply nominations.

There is a possibility of three additional teams for next season.

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