Minutes of Committee and Umpires’ Meeting April 2022

Minutes of Committee and Umpires’ Meeting April 2022


12th APRIL 2022


PRESENT   NIC, HOWARD, MARK, AND GEOFF (who did not stay for umpires meeting)

This was a brief basic meeting to accommodate the umpires meeting to follow

It was reported that COOKLEY have collected their handbooks, STAGBOROUGH in hand, Chris to accommodate WYRE FORESTERS and ALVELEY. Nic to sort Sponsor.

The remaining teams are to be advised by email that their handbooks are available from
CHRIS PARKES 07973 212116     chris@surfworks.co.uk

WEST HAGLEY to collect their match cards as well

Fixtures are seemingly all okay, thank you Mark

Play cricket looking good

Finances are as last meeting less £489 handbooks, £76.61 stamps for umpires (team sheets to Geoff Gilbert).

Certain team contacts have changed which will be forwarded to teams and umpires for them to amend their handbook.

Chris will be asked to update the website

We are looking for grounds to host the finals as listed below.

ALVELEY, BEWDLEY, KIDDERMINSTER AND QUATT offered their grounds at the March meeting. Can they please confirm which dates would be acceptable to their club? The committee will then allocate.

FINAL                                 DATE             RESERVE DATE        VENUE

Senior Cup                           20th July                  27th July
Senior Plate                         20th July                  27th July
Junior Cup                          20th July                  27th July
Junior Plate                        20th July                  27th July
AB Cup                               17th August             24th August
AB Plate                             17th August             24th August
KDCUA Cup                      17th August             24th August
KDCUA Plate                    24th August             31st August

Should any other club be willing to accommodate a final please let us know.


Of the 12 listed umpires nine were present (MIKE NEAL, MIKE PEPLOW AND DAVE UNITT were unable to attend)

Thanks were offered to GEOFF GILBERT for his past service.

For the record there is no e in Wilks but there is an e in BARRETT

The unanimous increase in fees was outlined (£16 and £24)

A handbook, match cards, envelopes, stamps were distributed and explained

It was agreed that the umpires should act as one, receive the signed team card and umpire fee prior to the games commencing

The rule changes were outline (pink balls, division b wide rule, coloured kit)

Each umpire has been allotted a series of matches. It is up to each umpire and each team captain to communicate with each other should there be any changes to the official list. Changes should be communicated asap but the very latest being 5pm match day.

By communication we mean person to person phone call and not a message left to a machine.

The handbook will be updated to accommodate the changes

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