Minutes of Committee Meeting December 2021

Minutes of Committee Meeting December 2021

COMMITTEE MEETING 14th December 2021

APOLOGIES   Geoff covid ping

PRESENT  Mark, Howard, Nic

LEAGUE CUP ARRANGEMENTS in general to follow the programme of 2021 with cup fixtures appearing earlier in the programme to avoid weather concerns. Promotion and relegation to be followed as per rules. Enville, as yet neither in nor out. Premier will either be five as last year or four teams. Both scenarios built into fixtures. Division one five teams, division 2 five teams with the possibility of Gladiators joining and becoming the bye fixture in that league. Proposed fixture dates:

MAY       JUNE         JULY       AUG      



















Proposed wording for rule changes confirmed at the AGM:

All games to commence with a pink ball. If the supply of pink balls is exhausted then red balls may be used.

In the lowest division, a wide ball shall not be rebowled but two additional runs (on top of any scored from byes) shall be awarded. This does not apply in the final over.

Teams may, if they wish, apply to the League to play in coloured kit. Their application will only be successful if guarantees are met. One such condition being that only players wearing the prescribed kit may take the field. Failure in this regard may attract penalties.

The League will establish social media connections.

All teams must register their result (scores) on Playcricket by midnight on the Sunday after the game.

NEW COMPETITION    the following were aired for future discussion.

  • Statistic trophy. From submitted scores on play cricket reference this league, league matches only, the total number of runs scored divided by the number of wickets lost.
  • All in cup competition with an open draw.

UMPIRES      by the beginning of April a full list of umpires with their contact details will be issued together with a list of team reps and their contact details. At this time the league will allocate umpires to matches. From that point on it is for the teams and umpires to communicate any subsequent changes and make the necessary arrangements.

SOCIAL MEDIA    it is hope that Chris Parkes will present something for the January meeting.

FINANCE       the committee receive a report from the treasurer see attached. A discussion followed with reference to the convenience of online banking. The outcome was the following proposal

This committee proposes that this league, the Wilden Industrial Estates Cricket League, contacts their bank, Santander, with the request that the league banking changes from view only to full online banking where any one of the three named officers {signatories} can access the account.

Dated 14/12/2021

This was passed unanimously.

A formal letter signed by all three signatories will be forwarded to Santander


PREMIER DIVISION                      DIVISION A                           DIVISION B

Stourport SM                               Stagborough                            Alveley
Kidderminster                             Arley                                          Gas
West Hagley                                 Bewdley GW                            Quatt
Stone                                             Horn & Trumpet                     Oldswinford
Enville (TBC)                                 Wyre Foresters                       Watermill
BYE                                                 BYE                                           WMH Gladiators (TBC)

OTHER BUSINESS: Howard to contact Worcester Police re 2022 participation and WACO re umpire availablity.

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