Apologies from Winston Davies, Alex Biddle, Chris Parkes

All teams were represented along with their guests.

The chairman welcomed all, explained apologies and offered a resume of the preceding season touching upon those leaving and arriving (Hagley, Kidderminster, 2nd Quatt team and Horn & Trumpet) ending with 16 teams split 7 and 9 which was not altogether satisfactory. The play-cricket usage has improved which has assisted the league’s organisation. Pink balls were introduced for the Finals and hopefully will be made available for purchase at a favourable standard and price before the start of the 2020 season. The importance of DBS was highlighted by the visit of Andy Wheeler from WCB with all captains and vice captains required to adhere to this vetting. There were some new umpires, but others were needed. Howard’s new role had been a success. The chairman concluded by appealing for further sponsorship to safeguard the League’s future.

Finance: The treasurer delivered his report stating that sponsorship had increased, costs had been held if not marginally reduced showing a small but pleasing profit on the year with 2020 looking positive. The acceptance of the finances was proposed by Howard Burley and seconded by Mark Candlin with all in favour. A copy of the financial statement is attached.

Rule changes: the proposed change to the wides rule was defeated 5 for, 7 against and therefore the original rule stands. The fielding circle rule was adopted 8 for, 1 against.

There were several recommendations: 3 leagues of five; disciplinary cards; pink balls; length of games governed by light and the new 100 match format were proposed by the committee for future consideration.  All were accepted without comment.

Election of Officers and committee:  there were no nominations from the floor resulting in the current committee being returned unopposed.

New Clubs: Oldswinford C.C. were elected to the league.

The officers were thanked individually for their contribution to a successful season

The meeting then turned to the presentation of awards followed by an excellent buffet.

For a full list of awards use this link: Awards 2019

A truly successful evening, impressive turn out with members socialising for a considerable time after the official business.

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