General Meeting 11th September 2018

General Meeting 11th September 2018

Apologies from Andy Shuck (working away) and Aziz

Present all teams with the following exceptions: Lye and Great Western B plus Nic, Geoff, Howard, Tony, Mark, Julian

  • The meeting recorded their sincere thanks to Aziz for his work with the pay cricket data.
  • The league’s thanks were extended to Quatt for their hospitality offerred to Howard and his Australian guest.
  • Teams were asked to source match highlights for the website
  • Howard to enquire about guest for the presentation evening
  • Teams would be contacted about “missing” averages and trophies and the secretary will contact teams re confirmation of the “Man of the Match winners” in the eight finals.
  • It was pointed out that averages refer to this league only and should include only Cup and League matches; not ten ten.
  • Teams changes for 2019: the league at the end of 2018 season: Areley Kings and one of the Great Western teams are leaving with the league talking to Lye.  Quatt are offering a second team and Asaf may have other teams who may possibly consider joining our league.

FINANCE: current account £1130 with deposit at £1868. The following invoices are pending presentation evening, trophies, Chester Road and Ombersley pitch hire, handbooks and website.

It was recommended that subscriptions remain the same but the discount for a second team be removed.


  • the league is to provide pink balls for all finals
  • Umpires ‘head and shoulder’ rule to be introduced to move in line with ECB rules (allowance one ball per over per batsman)
  • The proposed result card penalty was explained (totting up over the season with a fine for the worst four teams).  See example: Fines Report Card Draft
  • The emphasis relating to PlayCricket to change with all clubs actively encouraged to use this system….i.e. expected to do so.

TEN TEN to be played early and late in the season when the light can be challenging

UMPIRES: it is becoming apparent that there may be just one umpire per game in 2019 with the teams making good the short fall. The question of insurance was raised which needs to be addressed.

The outstanding fixture between West Hagley and BGW was generously conceded by West Hagley.

The league applauds all those present for the time and commitment to this league and their respective clubs and teams, and reminds and requests that they make full use of the presentation evening to recognise and thank members of their club for whatever reason sending details to the secretary. Additional tokens will be available upon request.

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