December 2016

December 2016

December meeting 2016

Apologies  Aziz, Scott, Matt Delo

Present  Nic, Tony, Geoff, Mark, Howard

Reflections re AGM

Positive reaction all round with over 45 in attendance and willingness to stay late. Elliot Wilson was an excellent guest, however, his comments on the future of the game raised a few eyebrows. It was regrettable two young Worcester Academy players were not available.


Geoff has committed to being treasurer and fulfilling the role as umpire rep accepting help where needed.
The role of President is vacant and hopefully will be filled with added sponsorship.
Tony will receive and collate all the umpire cards.


The Committee has noted the concerns of a number of clubs regarging the proposal to go over to reporting results using Play Cricket or an equivalent system via our own website. The following system will be used in 2017.

Results will no longer be reported on results cards; the cards will revert to Umpire Liability status only

Umpire liability cards will beforwarded by the umpires to Tony (the league will cover postage)

All teams irrespective of home or away will text their result to Aziz on the night.

All teams will be invited to access and complete the play cricket site on a weekly basis


Chris Parkes is to be invited to the January meeting….website and handbook

Chris Longmore is to be invited to the January meeting…Chester Road dates


New treasurer, Geoff, has trawled the accounts which have a better standing than first thought.
Santander is to be contacted to change account data.
Nic has secured sponsorship of £800 for the coming season from the League’s main sponsor (WIE).

Two teams have yet to pay their registration fees namely Waterfront and West Hagley.
Additional administration fee will now apply: (£10/month until fee is paid – ref: rule changes at AGM)

League structure

There are 16 teams registered, however there is some concern related to the standard differential. The structure will be decided in January once matters are more clear, either 8 and 8 or 6 and 10 or some other configuration.


Hopefully, if we can attract sponsorship, these will be upgraded. It was suggested that that replica trophies should be retained by the clubs whilst the actual ones are presented but retained by the league to avoid damage/loss.

Indoor league

This league is backing this initiative and will be circulating to all clubs.
There are five places available, two of which are already taken.

Affiliated Leagues

Mark and Geoff attended this meeting where an accord on the umpires Pathway was signed, agreeing the structure for career progression, training and assessment of umpires in the county.

A presentation was given about the ECB’s latest initiative to support recreational cricket, called Cricket Unleashed.

Disciplinary issues were discussed with all leagues reporting declining standards of discipline over the last 12 months or so.  The ECB has recognised this as a countrywide issue. The importance of sharing disciplinary standards and reporting any punishments was emphasised. WIECL were criticised for keeping some issues in house recently. The League has taken this on board and will report ALL ISSUES, no matter how small, to the associated Leagues committee. Clubs should therefore be aware that any player stepping out of line on a Wednesday may have an effect on their eligibility to play on a Saturday, and may reflect on their Saturday club.


The position regarding the fitness of a ground, and the influence of the umpires, was debated.  As a league, we are obliged to follow ECB guidelines. Games called off by umpires prior to the start (deemed unfit), can no longer be recognised as an official game. Should the captains decide to play the match anyway (without umpires present) the game would only be a friendly with the result not being recognised by the League. Captains should be aware that they may not be covered by insurance in such circumstances.

Should there be no official umpires in attendance at the start of the game, the captains are regarded as official arbiters of the fitness of the ground (along with any club groundsman). Their agreement is essential as either captain can decide the ground is unfit and the position would be the same as above. However, if both agree conditions are playable then the game can be played as an official game and the result will be recognised.

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