Committee Meeting 14th August 2018

Committee Meeting 14th August 2018

with Geoff and Nic

Apologies Howard and Mark

The data requested from Tony was not available.

The Chairman, though absent, raised various issues for the agenda:
the following recommendations were made:-

  1. Various clubs have conceded games this year. The 4 points deduction for conceded games is to stand. In the case of Lye this would not affect league placings. Lye should carefully consider their position re next season and as a league we should seek reassurances from them if they wish to continue. Without that commitment their inclusion would not be agreed.
    We need data before points deductions can be applied to other teams.
  2. Lack of texted results and inaccuracies on the cards is to be flagged with teams given notification of their failings once we have the data from Tony and warned that they will be fined next season. A simple weekly return tick sheet to be completed by Tony would show any faults and would lead to instant appraisal. To see a proposed draft click the following link: Fines Report Card Draft.
  3. Unplayed games. Many of 11th July games have been re-arranged and played although we are not privy to the results. Certain games have been conceded, (see point 1). Games that have not been replayed are “dead” games with no points to either team (Enville v Arley 4 points to Enville as Arley could not raise a team)
  4. 10×10 and finals:
    Tuesday 21st Chester Road umpires: Pat Kelly and GG with Howard
    Wednesday 22nd Chester Road Howard and TBA with Geoff
    Wednesday 22nd at Quatt Umpires TBA with Mark and Nic
  5. Rule Changes: The umpire would like to see one ball per over per batsman shoulder to head.
  6. 2019: It appears that Areley Kings are to fold for next season.
  7. Finance as it was with the domain fees paid.
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