August 2017

August 2017

Wilden Industrial Estates Cricket League August 2017

Apologies: Nic, Tony, Chris

Present: Geoff, Howard, Mark

Finance: No Change to Balance

Sponsorship: Geoff will speak to Julian again about his contacts.

Pink Balls: Howard reports some pink balls are pure quality. Asaf should be asked for a quote. Also need a comparative quote. Email has been received from BAS cricket advertising pink balls. Chris Parkes will investigate and obtain quote from his supplier as well. Quantities:  Minimum 100.  Rules for use of pink balls will need to be developed as stocks of spares will not be available initially.

Fixtures: Just a few fixtures remain this season.

Play off for Div A title is between Wilden and Bewdley Gt Western B

Final of the AB Cup will be on Thursday 17th August at Chester Road and is between invited club Worcester Police and either West Hagley or Stagborough.

KDCUA semis are Quatt v Stone or Arley and Areley Kings v Three Crowns or Packhorse. The final will be at Chester Road on Wednesday 23rd August.

Disciplinary: Nic has charged Stagborough’s Ryan Derrick with “Slanderous and defamatory accusations”, following an outburst at Walshes Meadow on 10th July.  Disciplinary convenor, Howard, suggested an internal Stagborough investigation with a view to providing Nic and the League with a satisfactory apology. Failure to do so will initiate a full disciplinary hearing.

Proposed Rule Changes:

  • Pink Balls (see above)
  • Bonus point system
  • Substitute fielders clarification
  • Umpires: Payment and team cards clarification
  • Elite player limitations
  • 10×10 tied scores rules

AGM: Howard will approach WCCC about providing a guest.

2018 season: Lye CC has confirmed their withdrawal for next year.  Jari CC has been asked to confirm their intentions. Clubs who have previously played in our League will be targeted with invitations to re-join next year.

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