Provisional Fixtures for Season 2021

Provisional Fixtures for Season 2021

You can now access provisional fixtures for 2021 using the following links:



Please take a close look at them, noting your own fixtures, and check that there are no errors.
If there are teams sharing your ground please check that there are no clashes of venue.
In some cases you may have a run of home fixtures, followed by an equal number of consecutive away ties.
This is just the way things have worked out due to ground availability.
The principles that we’ve followed are:

  • 3 Divisions of 5 teams to provide competitive cricket for all clubs.
  • Start of season delayed until early May, giving as long as possible for restrictions to be lifted.
  • Two Cup and Plate Competitions with the draw determined by League positions after the first set of round robin games.
  • All games scheduled to be played on Wednesday evenings.
  • 10×10 competition at the end of the season, in August, to extend the season.

We are aware that not all clubs favour the 10×10 competition, however we hope that everyone will put in a team this year to allow as much competitive cricket as possible after the struggles of last year. If there are particular problems for some clubs please bring these to the committee for discussion.

25th August is a provisional day in case of rain on 4th, 11th or 18th.

Please make your own preparations for the season, including confirming that you intend to enter a team and any changes of contact details.

Following recent government announcements on the roadmap for exiting lockdown we remain hopeful that a full season of cricket will be possible in 2021. However, some COVID-19 restrictions are likely to remain in place, especially in the first half of the season. We await further information from the ECB.

If you know of any clubs who would like to join us this year, or if you wish to put in a second team, it’s not too late to do so.

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