Junior Cup Final – 2017

Junior Cup Final – 2017

Great western B v Wilden Village

Junior Cup Final 2017

A pleasure and privilege to officiate when two sides offer such a compelling match played in the true spirit of the league where both teams were composed of a mixture of season talent, youthful exuberance and those who ask so much of their ageing limbs. A recipe for success.

Congratulations to both teams and their supporters.

Wilden won the toss on a beautiful evening when the only drawback was the heavy traffic around the A 449.

Ripples from the crowd matching the ripples in the clouds as Wilden began aggressively with that assure knack of placing the ball equidistance between boundary fielder. 50 from 26 balls saw Wilden’s opener establish an opening partnership of 103 by the 7th over. Fours streamed, singles were a rare commodity.

It was all too easy but trouble was lurking just around the corner.

The net began to tighten, fielders found new agility and despite some urgency from the batting team, the electronic scoring, mastered by the efficient scoring duo was losing momentum, tailing off at 154 by the end of the twelfth over.

How would Bewdley reply?

With a new ball, a paling sun and the crowd entertained by a young girl, a dog,  a ball and the flashing of an acrobat all competing for the point of focus, the reply began.

Would there be a prize for the first three of the match?

The season talent opened the batting content to easy the ball for ones almost a will. Was it David versus Goliath? If so young Foley was up for the challenge. The score favoured Wilden, especially with an early wicket. However, the replacements offered the reinforcements required. With the fall of a further wicket the shift seemed to edge Wilden’s way until Man of the Match, Grant Morris struck 23 runs from 5 balls. The icing on the western cake.

Counting wides, Wilden received 100 balls. Using the same analysis Great Western received 94 balls.

How important was the three consecutive sixes on that moment of madness?

An entertaining game played in the spirit which gave credit to both sets of players.

Thank you

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