Audrey Burley 10×10 Cup

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Audrey Burley 10×10 Cup


Both Cups will be played as a knockout
All fixtures are to be played as advertised
Matches are to start at 6.30 pm
Wednesday league rules should be adopted where appropriate, except for :
All ten players will bowl one six ball over
The wicket keeper cannot bowl
Wides/no balls count as 4 extras and are NOT re-bowled (except last over)
In the last over wides/no balls still count 4 but must also be re-bowled
Extra runs can be scored off wides and no balls as per normal laws of cricket
Bowlers run ups are limited to 8 paces

Fielding circles are used as per Senior Junior Cup rules
Batsmen retire “out” once they reach 20 runs
Batting side to nominate players (including substitutes) to bowl any outstanding overs, before final over, or accept 20 runs in lieu
Results notified on the night by text and entered on Play Cricket by the weekend.

Results / Fixtures Cup
Results / Fixtures Plate – Available soon